New Comics & Artists added to DBZY


Over on our sister website – We have added recently added some awesome artists you should go check out. We are always open to you sending us contact information for artists you request to have added for us to showcase their artwork of DBZ Yaoi and DBZ Gay content. Here are some of the recent artists added

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Here are just some artwork displayed over there you should checkout. Click an image to see that artist’s page.

Goten x Gohan butt plugs
Goku fucking Gohan while Goten watches
Broly fucking Trunks Comic Page
Vegeta orgasm
Broly Fucking Adult Trunks
Comic – Goten gives Gohan a blowjob
Gohan fills Gotens mouth with cum



Comic – Goku Goten Trunks and Vegeta


Past Gohan Kid Trunks Kid Goten Comic